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* All Product Certifications can be provided upon request
Brand Name Composition Pack
Alcy Ceftriaxone Sodium 1 G. 1000 mg
Amiday Amikacin 500 Mg. 30x24
Ledernext Mvi Multivitamin Inj. 10 ml
Pentaday Pantotrazole 40 Mg. 40 mg
Tramday Tramadole Inj. 2 ml
Dicloday Diclofenace Sod. 3 Ml 3 ml
Cft Cefotaxime 1 G *As per requiremnts
Gin Gentamicin *As per requiremnts
Don Dexamethasone *As per requiremnts
Queen Chloroquine *As per requiremnts
Reloc Ranitidine 50 Mg 2 ml